today’s inspiration_Enter the Void_Solid Homme AW23_Elysée Montmartre_Paris Fashion Show_France

Ready-to-wear’s predominate role is typically about reflecting society.

According to Laure Guilbault from Vogue Business “this menswear season was distinguished and high-energy, with plenty of high-profile celebrity appearances, marking a return to form for the category”.

D’accord …

SOLID Homme though stepped into darkness with a remarquable FW23 collection entitled ENTER THE VOID. Unlike in Gaspar Noe’s cinematic story tradition and nostalgia mingle here into fresh codes, the simultaneous privileging of both old and new. Impressively the runway at the 19th century ballroom of Élysée-Montmarte was defined solely by projected light. Unexpected gaps and appendages rejected any traditional linearity like the collection’s colour palette combining Powder Blue, Lemon Grass, Lime Light, Porcelain and Rust Brown, reminiscent of winter landscapes.

The VOID, in several programming languages is the return of a function that returns normally, but does not provide a result value to its caller. Intriguing. The VOID lacks a way to represent its value and the language does not provide any way to declare an objet or represent a value with type void. Like the human brain cannot comprehend the negative?

Submerged by mega shows, celebrities and life performances fashion and society are lacking assumably the VOID. Indispendable for a dialogue between presence and absence imbuing an attitude at once powerful and free.

So ENTER THE VOID to see only the path.

And be SOLID.

Thank you SOLID Homme and KCD worldwide.