Marc Lins

Marc Lins is an international photographer and artist born in Austria. His multitudinous works using large-, medium-, DSLR digital & analog formats have been published in selected magazines, periodicals, and catalogs as well as in selected and self-published books and radiate between Architectural-, Interior-, Portrait- and Fine-Art Photography.

While living and working between Europe and the United States his professional undertaking further explores Videography and even more important Fine Art Sculpturing. His urge to transcend the medium, the impulse to consciously seek abstraction and thus creating unusual perspectives continuously drive him in his artistic evolution.

‘Frame Sculptures’ is one of his current and ongoing series of artworks. Installations where different thread-materials, including natural as well as inorganic fibers, are applied onto metal frames. All are unique in terms of size, shape, surface-finishing and equipped with fine-thread machine-bolts, variable in number, length, and diameter.

With his works, Marc Lins transcends the audience’s expectations of the medium.