today’s inspiration_The French connection_Jogging_James Heeley_Galerie Montpensier_Paris_France

What if you carry lavender, rosemary and sage in your heart, put basil and galbanum on your top and add amber with oak moss to your base? Physical well-being, obsessive cleanliness, and flawless grooming … a kick back to colognes of the 70’s that can pack a punch. C’est tout ce qu’on aime dit Sarah Andelman.

Photographer Olivier Amsellem, who with his fashion and design emporium ‘Jogging’, has his finger on the pulse of contemporary living in Marseille. He imagines a fusion of Provence with the vibrance of the Orient, dreams of a landscape that unfolds into the azure blue Mediterranean … splash !!! Together with James Heeley they create a scent as invigorating like a jump into this sparkling fresh water of that bluish mosaic pool, even more, an invitation to plunge into the deep truth.

Stay connected. See you in Marseille. And keep on Jogging 😉

Merci for making us part 💙