Caroline Bénech

Caroline Bénech is a visual artist and was born in 1980 in Paris. She obtained a Masters in Graphic Arts from the ESAG Penninghen (Paris) in 2003, following studies at Académie Julian. While expanding her personal practice as a visual artist, she spent several years in France and China (Shanghai and Hong-Kong), developing projects with luxury brand companies interested in her plural creative expression. Her ability to flourish artistically in very diverse environments and cultures allows her to collaborate with architects and decorators, whether on commissions or site-specific projects.

Caroline experiments with mixed media in a merger of digital computer generated images, video, photo, and painting. Her work explores the interaction between light, space, and texture – evolving indefinitely in a boundless ecosystem. She builds virtual worlds viewers can dive into to escaping through abstract landscapes and environments. Her videos allow people to immerse themselves fully in that dreamlike universe and experience it from within.