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No doubt Paris Fashion Week returned this autumn not only with a packed schedule but also with an unpredictable intensity. Cocktails, dinners, parties and afterparties _ open to public, exclusive to selected thus most of the same invité(e)s or on reservation _ served delightfully as accompaniments for sixty-four shows and 42 presentations according to the official calendar. 

Fashion as entertainment ? 

It seems that the perpetual objectif of driving engagement online and creating brand awareness which then can be turned into product sales, pushed fashion shows out of an era of impressive set designs into a season of fashion performance. Derek Blasberg, former YouTube head of fashion and beauty, himself was wondering if there’s ever been a time when high fashion has ever so closely intertwined itself with pop culture. 

Back to couture … 

Fortuitously a light yet expressive breath of fresh air emerged out of the scenery of the Istituto Marangoni Fashion Show entitled « Back to couture » preceding the Paris Fashion Week this autumn. 

Not only Marangoni’s graduates were showing their impressive and diverse abilities to design fashionable made to measure clothes in a joint show. Also the presentation in presence of their teachers, families, fans and friends was an art per se. 

It takes courage, bravery, trick and confidence to provoke a cultural shift of many of today’s mass appealing practices, beliefs and objects where beauty & couture are just shoppable

No frenzy but sharp rythme and progress with fresh heart ❤️