today’s inspiration_Turtleneck_Calher Delaeter_Paris_France

“Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth,” Nora Ephron writes in the titular essay from her book I Feel Bad About My Neck.

Anger, laughter, and tension all appear in its tendons. The neck communicates both confidence and fear. By hiding it, one gains an empowering ambiguity. The turtleneck muffles the truths the body volunteers without permission. It is said that the turtleneck has the capacity to “undefine” the body, to render its wearer somehow removed. Its aficionados appreciate “the value of the void, where a focus away from the body becomes a focus towards the mind. Not surprisingly, the turtleneck soon became associated with the creative intelligentsia, evolving into a uniform for personal resistance and quiet confidence separated from its utilitarian roots.

The unforeseen encounter with CALHER DELAETER, a young French Mexican brand, during Paris Fashion week 2021 was full of joy and love. Finally. Their genderless collection bringing forward bright, free, and open-minded characteristics literally blazes one’s mind. Here the turtleneck is at the heart of the collection. As like a lucky charm for Parisian nights with Mexican vibes.

This is what we want for Xmas 🎄