today’s inspiration_full moon cake_mariage frères_Paris_France 

I’ve never been keen on pastries, cakes and sweets nor was I able to understand the ecstasy that they may cause in so many of us. Already as a child I preferred freshly prepared and crispy salads to the slightly treacly bitterness of dark chocolate and sugar. I still love the idea of eating healthy, invigorating, delicious healthy food. Dishes which have been carefully prepared out of a large variety of beautiful ingredients Mother Nature provides to us. The less transformed the better.

Movements, forms, textures, volumes, perspectives and colors have always been fascinating to me and brought me into fashion, design and architecture.

So when the famous, traditional French Tea House Mariage Frères announced their new creation during Paris Design Week this September I was more than curious and rather skeptical to discover their new collection “Full Moon Party” during a celebration in their store situated at Rue Faubourg Saint Honore. Especially being a Luna Yogini for over 10 years by now.

The experience was more than surprising. Mariage Frères creates a pastry not only with an astonishing graphic design, the texture is baffling but also a captivating fragrance. A light and airy cheesecake with the scent of the Full Moon tea, with notes of almonds and sweet spices placed on a Parisian sablé. In its heart a golden moon contrasting with its nocturnal aspect.

Not to mention an excellent, extremely pleasant service and a funny story about the famous Tea House CEO’s astrological mindset.

Bonne pleine lune à vous toutes et tous !