today’s inspiration_Negociations_Alexander Gottfarb_TQW_Tanzquartier_Wien_Austria

Setting up a ‘shop’ for a whole year with thirteen dancers performing ‘Negotiations’ every day during regular business hours, i.e. from 10.00 to 18.00 is the most recent project of the Swedish choreographer Alexander Gottfarb. The dancer and choreographer uses repetition and transformation, discipline and exhaustion in his work in order to explore the effects of faith and motivation on the execution of movements. He further examines the relationship between movement and systems of belief.  

Negotiations takes the form of a public social ritual that analyses the practice of collaboration, dialogue, and exchange. The movements oscillate between recognizable iconic gestures and abstract patterns. The audience, as well as accidental passers-by, can stay as long as they like and come back.

An inspiring artistic performance re-exposing the interplay between work and encounter by using space as a form of narrative to reconsider sphere.

Vielleicht ist das Leben auch wie ein Tanz ?

“I’m fascinated by duration in performance and by the blur, that time makes of the borders between art and life. What starts as art becomes something else.“ — Tim Etchells