today’s inspiration_Gardens of Thought_Festival International des Jardins_Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire_Chaumont_France

Where do our thoughts come from?

What concept lies behind the creation and design of thoughts? How do they arise and how do they spread? Can we influence their quality? What makes the difference between a dreamer lost in his bubble and an obsessional thinker keeping on mulling over and over the same idea?

Cognitive sciences claim that we don’t know exactly how thoughts emerge from the activity of neurons, or even how to define what a thought is in biological terms, but there is plenty of indirect evidence to support the general claim that the brain is where thoughts emerge.

The 27th edition of the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire pays tribute to the concept of thought. Referring to the worlds of famous writers as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Octave Mirbeau, Marcel Proust or the Sufi tale of the Conference of the Birds, or physically evoking the paths traveled by our thoughts, up to 30 themed gardens have been designed by an incredible variety of highly inventive teams with varied origins – Russian, United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Canada and, of course, France. 

Be it a seemingly random composition, a certain arrangement, an obfuscation, a clear separation, a blossoming, a reflection, fixed structuring or a gliding along, all these different interpretations and their materialization into gardens stimulate to rethink one’s own thought structures.

And this is exactly what the origin of every creative activity seems to be.