today’s inspiration_Mediterranean breeze_Architekturstudio SAAL_Villa Müller_Feldkirch_Austria

Embedded in the Austrian Rhine Valley and surrounded by the Alps, just on the top of the Ardetzenberg hill and mystifyingly protected by its forest, lies the VILLA MÜLLER … somewhere where fox and hare still bid each other goodnight.

What might sound like the beginning of a modern fairy tale accentuate the location of an ambitious pioneer project – an active research process and exploration of alternative ways to use living space. The Ardetzenberg in Feldkirch is characterized by a special typology of city villas, most of which are large-volume buildings mainly built between 1905 and 1970. Due to generation and economy changes their vacancy rate is increasing. 

The passion to work on renovation and bringing a building or a house back to life coupled with the ambition to create added value also for the neighborhood and a clique of creative & supportive friends coming from different disciplines were driving the sought for alternative usage strategies.

Whatever you desire – you might stay overnight, host a dinner in the Villa for a night, use single or larger spaces for company events or workshops, rent a co-working space, hold an event or presentation in the huge garden or even the pool – which still needs to be brought back to working order (funds are welcome) – possibilities are far …

Or maybe it’s just to breath this magic Alpine Mediterranean breeze …



Contacts: Solveig Furu Almo /

Marius Cerha /

Photography: Marc Lins @marclins /üller