today’s inspiration_Travelogue_Charlotte Moth_Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein_Vaduz_Liechtenstein

“The act of speaking is a way of considering time, how something is, moments that punctuate time, affirming a sense of the itinerant, of continual movement.” citation Charlotte Moth, ‘Travelogue’, in publication accompanying the exhibition of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.

Charlotte Moth’s works are endowed with a certain lightness, capable of dominating and transforming spaces. With reference to modernist works and forms of presentation the Paris-based artist examines and updates conditions of spaces. One of her works – Light structure, Version 3 – exposed in the current exposition ‘Travelogue’ can be experienced as a theatrical happening.

The viewer is invited and thus required to pay attention to what is material and what is only hinted at by way of metaphor. Cones of vibrant light suspended from a three-part wooden structure create a quadrilateral modern stage for a triple-overlapping shadow theater where the visitor is the actor.

A re-interpretation of an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment flourishing in the epoch of romanticism. LOVE.